Pain and Pain Management
A Web Site Dedicated to Pain Patients

This Web Site is prmarily intended for persons who have intractable pain and their families. I started my pain clinic in 1975. Since then, I have learned and observed a great deal that I believe should be passed on to those afflicted with this medical condition. This site provides the best information and knowledge I have obtained during the past 30 years in the field of intractable and severe chronic pain.

I especially recommend that patients download and read the handbooks and articles on the Patient Self Help page.

  1. Identify and treat the underlying causes of severe, chronic intractable pain.
  2. Develop clinical protocols to treat the underlying causes as well as provide symptomatic care that allows the intractable pain patient to function and have a good quality of life.

Use of Writings by Forest Tennant M.D., Dr. P.H.

Materials on pain and suffering written by me may be disseminated and republished. I put no restriction or copyright on them. It is my deeply held belief that the relief of pain and suffering is a spiritual commandment from "on High", and anything that helps should be shared.